Which services does SOPHIA provide?
  1. SOPHIA provides translations of highly specialized texts, business contracts, manuals, official documentation, personal documents, and any other texts and documents in electronic as well as in paper formats. A wide range of related services is also provided – proofreading, editing, graphic processing, printing, binding, delivery of the translated documents.
  2. SOPHIA provides a full range of interpretation services: simultaneous, consecutive, telephone interpreting.
  3. SOPHIA also provides services related to language learning.
Which language combinations does SOPHIA translate?

SOPHIA provides translations in a wide range of language combinations. The highest demand among our customers is naturally for combinations with the Czech and Slovak languages.

Does SOPHIA have any specializations?

SOPHIA is specialized in the provision of language services to the nuclear power and power engineering industries. Our knowledge and expertise was acquired during the construction of the local nuclear power plant in the 1990´s. That position has been sustained and further developed through the continuous language support SOPHIA provides to numerous companies in the power engineering industry.

Which other industries does SOPHIA serve?

SOPHIA provides its services to companies of all sizes in all business sectors, as well as to the general public. Beyond our specialization in language services for the nuclear power and power engineering sectors, a large proportion of our work is related to other industries and general topics.

Which geographic regions does SOPHIA serve?

SOPHIA provides its services to customers from the whole of the Czech Republic as well as from foreign countries. SOPHIA has proven itself to be a reliable and appreciated partner to a number of multi-language service providers around the world.

How do I place an order for a translation or for interpretation services?

Contact SOPHIA´s Project Managers from Monday to Friday 7.00 am to 7.00 pm (local time, which is UTC/GMT+1) on telephone number +420 387 415 415 or by email on sophia@sophia-cb.cz. Our PMs are ready to establish and discuss your requirements and to provide you with information on the estimated cost, date, time and form of delivery. SOPHIA´s aim is to provide you with the best possible service that fulfils your needs in terms of quality, price and timing.

Outside office hours, SOPHIA offers 24 hour information lines:

+420 608 112 992

+420 777 112 973

+420 774 672 992

Does SOPHIA provide any benefits to long-term customers?

SOPHIA appreciates the loyalty of its long-term customers and has developed a system of discounts dependent on the number of orders placed with SOPHIA by the respective client.

Please contact our Business Managers at SOPHIA who can compile an attractive offer for you!

Which computer-aided translation tools does SOPHIA use?

CAT translation is, simply put, a form of translation where a human translator translates text with the support of a software programme that helps them to find appropriate expressions and maintain uniform terminology; executes spell-checks and provides other quality inspections and kinds of support during the translation process.

CAT tools are divided into three categories: translation memory tools, terminology tools, software localization tools.

SOPHIA´s team of project managers and translators use the following CAT tools: SDL Trados, MultiTrans, Transit, MemoQ.

Does SOPHIA provide translations in compliance with EN 15038 standard?

Yes. SOPHIA is the first translation company in the Czech Republic to be certified to the EN 15038 international standard.


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