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Insurance company
As usual, you are perfect and reliable. Many thanks,
Real estate company
I would like to thank you for the high quality translation you did for us. Our English client appreciated it and said that it was very well done. Really, he praised you a lot. I wish you as many happy clients as possible as this.
Leasing company
Many thanks for your prompt service. I am very satisfied.
Municipal Office
As we were very satisfied with your flexible approach concerning our project, I would like to send you additional new texts to be translated.
Metal working and processing equipment company
I am very pleased with the professionalism of the people at SOPHIA people, as well as the speed and quality of the translation service we were provided with. I am writing to thank you for this. I look forward to our continued cooperation.
Printing company
I am very happy with your translation. I am sure you must have had your work cut out for you as our language is so variable … you managed it! Many thanks.
Many thanks for the translation of my text into German and its delivery before the deadline. I am very satisfied with your service.
Ministry, Czech Republic
Many thanks for the perfect interpreting service provided to the Egyptian Minister and his colleagues. Next time we will come back to you again.
Advertising company
SOPHIA, thank you for the excellent cooperation concerning the proof-reading of English texts and your willingness to meet our tough deadlines!
Engineering company, power industry
Thank you for the translation. Particular thanks to Petra from SOPHIA for her great effort!
Insurance company
Thank you for your confirmation. I am very pleased by the fact that you have been able to provide us with the translation earlier than expected. I really appreciate all your efforts and the professionalism of your company.
Logistics services provider
Thank you for the translation. We expect your invoice. Our director mentioned he is very satisfied (it is not often that he praises others) and asked me to pass on his thanks to you.
Super! Vielen Dank! Sie haben mir sehr geholfen... Mit freundlichen Grüßen
SPORT equipment producer and seller
Das ist ja super wie schnell das geht. Vielen Dank für die rasche Arbeit - ich warte dann auf die übersetzten Arbeiten. Vielen lieben Dank und schönen Tag noch! Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Before I leave tonight to start our holiday period, I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you all for another year of XY work and for the "teamwork" attitude you all keep towards helping me get this client's projects completed in good order and within the set time frames. With the range of products having grown to as many as 26 languages for some components, dealing with these projects is a daunting task, and it would become absolutely overwhelming without your cooperation and excellent service. Thank you so very much, and I wish you a wonderful holiday time... hopefully with plenty of rest and relaxation. See you next year!
Engineering company
Many thanks for the translations… it is always a pleasure to work with you.
Engineering company
Thank you for the perfect translation of our bid with regards to radial fans.
Wood-processing company
Many thanks – for the quickness and quality – you are a genius!
Engineering company
We would like to thank you for your excellent interpreting service. Our director was very satisfied, in particular because it was for the professional foreign press.
Engineering company
Hallo, das ging ja flott, vielen Dank.
Training company
Many thanks for your translation. Its quality is really excellent! If you need a reference letter, I am fully at your disposal.
Insurance company
Many thanks for your flexibility. We really appreciate it.
Consulting company
Karla, the project was successful. You have been so wonderful that you are very high up on our list. You will be the first ones I will call on for anything to do with those languages. Thank you.
Engineering company, power industry
Many thanks. I especially appreciate the quick delivery of the translation.
Thanks for the excellent service.
Investment company
Thank you for the translation. Our lawyer has checked it and he was very satisfied with its quality.
Advertising company
Many thanks for your quick response and the translation you did for us.
Engineering company, power industry
Thank you very much for your perfect service!
PR company
Great, many thanks!
Insurance company
Thank you very much for the translation. I am grateful that you noticed the different versions of surname used. It is very much appreciated.
Food industry
Thank you for your extra fast quality translations!
Facility services
Thank you very much, you are really very capable - it is amazing that in such a short time you have delivered the translation even with all the charts and tiny details! I appreciate the perfect professional services you provide.
Facility services
Thank you for your work, we enjoy our cooperation with you!
Livestock breeding equipment
Thank you for the quick delivery of translations. It helps me to progress with the project much faster than expected!
Furniture production
Thank you for the translations, you are an absolutely reliable partner!
Services in energetic
Dear Mrs. Janovska, thank you very much for the delivered translation and for your comments on the translation. It proves your professionalism and I am very happy about that as this was our first experience with your company.
Consultancy in energetic
The interpreting service provided was professional - the interpreter used appropriate terminology and her overall behaviour was very professional.
Language services provider
I want to let you know you did a very good job! Thanks a million, have a good weekend.
Law firm
I would like to praise the translator - he did a very good job even though the source text was of low quality.
Wood processing company
Thank you for your perfect work! Have a nice day.
Company in fertilizers production
Approach of Sophia employees: A, Quality: A, Delivery time: A, Price (its adequacy): A. Simply, let me summarize it: If I would not be happy with your services, I would not use them. Have a nice day!
Engineering company
Thanks to all of you for the amazingly fast cooperation with regards to all parts of translation.
Services in energetic
Thank you very much for the delivered translation. I have to praise the translators, they did a high-quality job!
Sport equipment production
Thank you very much for your fast (as usual) fulfilment of my requests.
Engineering company
At the same time it is my duty to thank you for your approach yesterday. I highly appreciate it.
Law firm
Thank you very much for the fast translation of documents - delivered even before the agreed deadline. I appreciate it!
Cosmetic services
Good morning, I have seen the spot and it looks OK. Thank you for the high-quality and fast service!
Language services provider
Thank you again for taking the time to complete a sample for our project. I am pleased to inform you that the assessment of your sample has come back from our client and the result is positive. I will be in touch with you for the next appropriate jobs for the Mechanical Engineering Projects.
Real-estates services
I am really very satisfied with your work. What a pity I was not aware of your existence before.
Company manufacturing cryogenics products
I ordered a translation from you into Dutch and into Spanish in August. Our customer has praised the document a lot, really a lot :-)
Wood-processing company
Thank you very much, you are really great!
Magazine focused on energy sector
By the way, your interpreter did a perfect job yesterday! Thank you.
Construction company
Thank you for your perfect and professional cooperation and I look forward to our future cooperation.
Industrial pumps manufacturing company
Thank you for your cooperation, it works perfectly, which is very important for both sides... Whenever you would have a journey to our city, please feel free to stop by for a coffee, it would be my pleasure to meet you personally.
Publishing house
With satisfaction I can say that cooperation with your company is flawless and we are fully satisfied. Thank you for the care you have devoted to our projects, and I believe it will continue this way. I wish you lots of success and satisfaction from work well-done.
Real-estates agency
Thank you very much for the translation and for the perfect service.
Language Service Provider
Hello, SOPHIA team, we have just received an appreciation of your translation for our client. Customer wrote:
"...great praise to your translation department!"
Czech customer-proofreader made following statement:
"I have checked the texts from the Czech language perspective and can confirm to you that they do not show any text deficiencies, unclear points, spelling or typing errors." We would like to thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to our future cooperation.
Energy distributing company
Thank you for the translation and for reliable service. I wish you lots of success.
Company producing air-conditioning systems
Dear, we have received it, thank you. Remark: translation is done in very good quality!
Company in electrical engineering
For your information: The Austrian party was extremely satisfied with the linguistic as well as with the overall performance level, and thus I would like to thank you.
Language Service Provider
I thought you might like this:
Client’s feedback about translation:
"I am impressed. Looks really great... I was born in Slovakia, but my translation would be terrible compared to what you guys did....."
Thank you very much!
Production company
Thank you for the translation and for pointing out our mistake. We were pleased to see how carefully you also follow the wording of the translated material. We corrected the text and sent it to our partner in Germany. Once again thank you and I wish you a pleasant weekend.
A company engaged in web design and internet marketing
Hello, thank you very much for the excellent translation.
Sale and service of communication systems
The translation into Polish was received very positively. My boss was very pleased with everything, thank you. We will use your services again next time.
Production company
I would like to thank you very much for the translation! The electronic form has already been incorporated into the project and everything turned out well timewise! This pilot project provided a good reference and I am sure that we will contact you more often for translations.
International shipping company
Thank you for you high quality services and quick work.
Language Service Provider
A new client has given us exceptional feedback about this first project that you translated and I would like to share this good news with you. Thank you very much for your help building new client partnerships!
Energy distributing company
Thank you for your very high quality work! We greatly appreciate that both translations were done over the weekend.
Drugstore supplier
Thank you very much for the translation. You are right, there really is a mistake in the source text that none of us noticed. Thank you very much for pointing it out, and we will correct the contract.
Insurance company
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for the excellent cooperation, especially your project manager Jaroslava. Just to explain, I received a request from a colleague at 9:00 a.m. that he needed a translation by 11:00 a.m. into two languages. Everything turned out perfectly and I received the translation alright and on time. Once again thank you very much.
Language Service Provider
We have received feedback from our customer with regard to the Czech translation and he was very satisfied with the translation. Good job!
Magazine focused on energy sector
Yesterday's interpreting was perfect.
Company engaged in Chinese medicine
I am very pleased with the translation. There were many medical nuances and the translator managed to translate them perfectly.
Natural person
I was very pleased with your service. Your translators were very obliging and quick to process my order and make the later changes to part of the text. I feel wonderful about your staff´s manner that I had contacted an agency which provides professional translation services and deals professionally with its clients. I will recommend your agency with regard to the price and delivery of services. I think it is unrivalled. Thank you.
Language Service Provider
Thank you for your time and diligence on this project. I know that this is not a straight-forward translation project, but I looked over the work you did and it looks great! I would like to continue to use your services for this type of work should I need them. Thank you again!
I confirm receipt of your email and feedback. Thanks so much to you, your team and to the linguists involved for providing this feedback. It looks to be extremely comprehensive and very useful. The client should be happy with this and hopefully we can agree now to move on to new projects! :) Again, I sincerely thank you for the time and efforts involved in reviewing and amending these files. It really shows a great work ethic and unwillingness to compromise on quality. I am very grateful for this.


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